Questions and Answers

Q. Is the ADN program accredited?

A. Yes. The CASC Nursing Program (ADN) is accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN)

and approved by the Oklahoma Board of Nursing (OBN).

Q. How do I get into the nursing program?

A. Applications are distributed October 1st for entrance into the program beginning each fall semester (in August).

You must submit your application to the Administrative Assistant for the Department of Nursing Education

on the Poteau Campus prior to the application deadline of February 1st. Admissions is based on a point system in

Nursing Information Packet.

Q. What are the application procedures for the nursing program?

A. A nursing program application is required in addition to the Carl Albert State College application. Submit all transcripts and ACT scores with

application to the program.

Q. Does the Accuplacer Test replace the ACT test?

A. No. All nursing applicants are required to take the ACT National Test or the CASC Residual ACT Test. A minimum composite score of

"19" to be considered for admission. (see Nursing Information Packet - Admission Requirements)

Q. What is the application deadline?

A. February 1st each year.

Q. What if I am not admitted when I apply?

A. Applicants not selected to the program are encouraged to enroll in courses leading to an AS degree in Allied Health in effort to increase their

total points, and reapply to the program the following year. There is no waiting list and students identified as alternates are not guaranteed

a position in the next class.

Q. Does Carl Albert State College offer an LPN - RN program?

A. Yes. Student must have your LPN license before applying to the RN Program, meet the general admission requirements for the program,

and all of your freshmen general education courses will need to be completed before the student can progress into Nursing 2119

(see Advanced Standing Admission).

Q. May I attend the program on a part-time basis?

A. No. It takes 2 years (4 semesters) of full-time attendance to complete the program once accepted into the

nursing program.

Q. Are there general education courses required to be taken prior to entering the program?

A. Yes, General Organic and Biochemistry,Human Anatomy, Introduction to Psychology, and Basic Nutrition must be completed prior to

starting the first clinical course. However. it is recommended that you take as many general education courses as possible prior to

starting the first clinical course.

Q. Should I see a Health Sciences advisor prior to enrolling in courses for the Nursing degree?

A. Yes. It is strongly recommended in order to assure that the appropriate courses are taken.

Q. Is there a separate nursing program for the Sallisaw Campus?

A. No. The Poteau Campus and Sallisaw Campus are all one program.

Q. Will I be able to work while in nursing school?

A. The decision to work is a personal one. Students spend approximately 20 hours per week in classes/clinical each semester. For each hour

in class per week, experts recommend three hours of study time. Even though many students work part time, you are encouraged

to consider your time allotments carefully in order to be successful.